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Handling Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Cases In The Bronx

March 2014 Archives

Rising number of New York bus accidents cause for concern

With the high number of people who ride public transportation every day in the Bronx, the safety of buses is very important. Because buses typically do not have seat belts, passengers inside can potentially be thrown about when a collision occurs. Also, with the large open space inside, things that are not secured can be turned into projectiles during a crash.

New York man faces drug possession and related charges

When faced with drug possession and other drug-related charges, it's critical to understand that the time for focusing on preparing a defense starts ticking as soon as the charges are made, and sometimes even before. The sooner that the facts can be reviewed and assessed in conjunction with the offenses charged, the more opportunity the accused has to be ready to present a meaningful drug possession defense. In New York, one man is likely engaged in this process after his recent arrest.

Dog bite impetus for New York drug crime charges against man

Man's best friend certainly doesn't apply in the case of a New York man who was bitten by an angry canine. Not only did he end up with wounds on his hands, but he also is now facing drug crime charges. It's adding insult to injury, and will be one drug crime case that's going to have to be very thoroughly investigated to gather all the evidence.

Father of woman killed in crash waiting on accident report

It can be frustrating for families of a person who has been killed in a car accident in the Bronx to watch the driver who was responsible for it walk away free and clear. This is especially true when the person was driving under the influence or negligent in some way.

Ex NYPD officer facing DWI, resisting arrest charges

New York drivers who fail to comply with traffic laws may have to face the consequences. When an ex-police officer allegedly tried to evade police officers, he was charged with DWI and a number of other serious offenses. The man was one of the notorious corrupt NYPD officers, called the "Dirty 30," who served a year in jail in 1995 on extortion charges. The recent arrest occurred in the Town of Fishkill on St. Patrick's Day.

Sour note: New York music teacher facing criminal charges

A music teacher from New York may now have to face some unpleasant music of her own. She is facing criminal charges after authorities have claimed that she stole school property in order to obtain money for drugs. She is being charged with grand theft in addition to alleged drug offenses.

Head-on collision sends 3 to hospital

There are many different types of automobile accidents that occur in the Bronx. Some of these include accidents like rear-end collisions and side impacts that occur at intersections. These can be potentially life threatening for those involved, but the type of accident that can be particularly deadly is a head-on collision. This is because when two cars collide, they come to a complete stop, transferring their energy into the collision. The occupants inside are subject to this force and can be seriously and fatally injured.

New York woman accused of stalking Yankees GM cries foul

As most people who have been accused of criminal activities such as stalking know, there's often more to a case than meets the eye. One woman who has been charged with stalking New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman is fighting back through her legal representative. The representative has claimed a possible conflict of interest involving the New York Supreme Court judge presiding over a trial involving his client.

New York corrections officer charged with drunk driving

Understandably, drunk driving charges are typically emotional experiences for the accused. However, they can be especially tough when the drunk driving claim is made against an authority figure. Such is likely the case for a New York corrections officer who was recently accused of driving while intoxicated.

Family sues after deck collapses, causing injuries

Spending time on a deck can be a great way to enjoy a morning or afternoon outdoors in the Bronx. Many people probably don’t think twice about their safety as they do so, but according to the North American Deck and Railing Association, there has been an increase in the number of decks that have failed, sometimes leading to injuries for those who are on or around them when they do so.

Drug crime charges levied against former New York transit worker

There is usually more to a drug crime story than what is told to the media. This is one of the main reasons that it's so important for any person in New York who is charged with a drug crime to recognize that he or she has the right to air his or her full case in an unbiased court of law. Even if the criminal allegations seem to be "obvious" to a person not associated with the incidents in question, they might not be so apparent once the situation is fully evaluated.

New York police charge man they say was resisting arrest

One New York man who was accused by police with resisting arrest, among other charges, has countersued the police who arrested him. His case may be among one of the more unusual, and it points to the fact that, when all the evidence is sorted through, a would-be crime may turn out to be something far different. In fact, the moments before he was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct were almost unbelievable and were actually caught on surveillance video.

Weapon and drug crime charges lodged against New York residents

When evaluating any drug crime, it's essential to thoroughly and objectively consider all the facts and allegations at hand. For instance, weapon and drug crime charges recently lodged against five New York state residents may be more complex than they first appear. This is because the case of each of the persons being accused needs to be considered individually.

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    • What should I do if I was injured on a construction site? You should take the same steps as anyone injured at any other job. File an injury report and file for workers' compensation benefits. If you are denied benefits or mistreated by your employer, contact our law firm immediately. Also, contact us immediately if your injury might have been caused by a party other than your employer such as a product manufacturer or another party on a construction site. You might have an underlying personal injury claim.
    • If medical treatment was unsuccessful or caused my condition to worsen, do I have a medical malpractice case? Not all instances of poor medical outcomes are medical malpractice. It is important to speak with an experienced attorney about your specific circumstances.
    • If injured in a police misconduct/brutality incident, what should be done? Get names of witnesses. Take photos of injuries. Get immediate professional medical attention. Contact our Bronx-based police brutality attorney today.
    • What actions should I NOT take when speaking with a police officer? Don't say, "I know my rights," "I'm going to file a complaint/sue" or "I pay your salary." Don't resist or fight if you're going to be arrested even if the cop is wrong, or he or she doesn't tell you why.
    • What should you do in the event of police misconduct/brutality? Note the date, time and location of the incident. Note — but do not ask for — the name, badge or car number of the officers involved. Note the physical description of the officers.
    • What should you do when confronted by a police officer? Stay calm and be courteous. Don't be rude or curse at the officer. Take off your headset or turn down your music. If asked, give your name and address. You don't have to answer any other questions. Tell the officer(s) that you would like to exercise your right to attorney representation.
    • Contact a civil rights attorney or group immediately. If criminally charged, don't speak until you've consulted a defense attorney. What steps should be taken after experiencing police misconduct/brutality?
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