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Handling Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Cases In The Bronx

October 2013 Archives

New York case of domestic abuse ends in felony charges

It can often be difficult to sort through the facts when it comes to cases of suspected domestic abuse. With that being said, one New York incident leaves a few questions. During this alleged case of domestic abuse, one man reportedly wouldn't allow his wife to leave his side until police intervened.

Vehicle stop in New York leads to drug possession charge

There are plenty of people living in New York who wonder what can happen if they are stopped by the police for one reason, such as a roadblock or a traffic violation, only to have the officer charge them with a more serious crime such as drug possession. That's what reportedly occurred in Cheektowaga during a traffic stop at 4 a.m.. Now, the driver of the car, a young woman, is facing drug possession charges.

Reduction in pedestrian accidents is focus of new Slow Zones

New York City and the Bronx are known for bustling traffic intermixed with pedestrians. Unfortunately, that can also mean that a pedestrian accident is more likely to happen than in areas with less dense populations of pedestrians and motor vehicles. Being hit by a car happens in a flash and can leave a person with a wide range of problems including back injury, neck injury, broken bones, head trauma and more.

New York musician flies a drone and is charged with a crime

Police have recently arrested a New York musician for supposedly flying a drone in the city. The musician has been charged with the crime of reckless endangerment. If convicted of this crime, a class A misdemeanor in New York, the musician will be forced to pay a fine, and the charge will go on his permanent record.

New York police sued by man charged with drug possession

When is drug possession not what it seems? In one New York case, the answer is pretty clear: When the drug possession charge doesn't appear to have any validity. As a result, the man at the center of the case is now taking the NYPD and other official entities to court.

Cruise line denies responsibility in 6-year-old's drowning death

For many families living in the Bronx, going on a cruise can be the perfect way to escape the grind and relax. A cruise to someplace warm and sunny can be especially appealing when winter hits and temperatures drop in New York.

Drug possession among many charges for 9 in New York

People who are charged with possessing and selling drugs may be seen as negative influences in a local community. However, individuals who face drug charges in New York are officially innocent unless and until their guilt is proved in court. Several men are in this scenario after police conducted a massive investigation that led to their drug-related arrests on charges including drug possession.

Victim refusing to testify against her spouse in assault case

Because a conviction generally cannot be based on hearsay, the police are often unable to prove a domestic violence case after the complaining spouse or girlfriend changes her mind and refuses to testify. That common development, which disrupts and negates a lot of police work in New York and nationwide daily, occurred again in an assault and harassment case. It involves New York Giants former offensive lineman Luke Petticoat and his wife Jennifer.

Medical mistakes may be third leading cause of death in U.S.

When someone suffers a medical emergency or serious illness, often the first thing that crosses his or her mind is the importance of getting to the hospital for treatment. Hospitals are known for helping those who are injured or sick to recover and regain their health once again. However, according to a recent study conducted by a toxicologist at NASA, hospitals can also be the place where serious medical mistakes can occur.

Undercover cop faces criminal charges in motorcycle vs. SUV saga

It has always been an occupational hazard of being an undercover cop. The officer must portray himself as a criminal so thoroughly and convincingly that in some cases the line becomes blurred, and the officer is drawn into really living the life of the criminals that he's supposed to be investigating. In New York this syndrome resurfaced in the recent highly publicized case of a group of motorcyclists harassing, attacking and beating an SUV driver. The police discovered one of their own, an undercover detective, to be a participant and have arrested him on criminal charges for bashing a rear window of the SUV after the high-speed chase.

Restaurant owner faces criminal charges, failure to pay employees

When a restaurant enthusiast is finally successful enough to open his own restaurant, he is filled with joy and cannot wait to get started as soon as possible. Although, owning and operating a successful restaurant can be a complicated matter. Getting the business started can sometimes be the most difficult part, and it is very expensive. However, when an owner decides to cut back on finances by breaking the law, the owner can get into a lot of trouble. A New York restaurant owner is facing criminal charges for failing to pay his employees.

Drug crime: 2 New York men accused of growing marijuana plants

Two men from New York City have been arrested following an investigation that spanned two months. Sherriff's deputies allegedly discovered over 300 marijuana plants inside their home. The marijuana plants that deputies found hold an estimated value of $120,000. The cultivation of marijuana inside one's home is a drug crime in New York and individuals convicted of that crime could face jail time.

New York family, others face an array of criminal charges

Occasionally, when police officers conduct an investigation, they stumble upon more alleged criminal activity than they had anticipated. As a result, suspected individuals may end up facing a number of criminal charges for which they may wish to create a defense. Depending on the allegations brought against them, accused parties may have several options to explore as their cases proceed.

Woman falls from roller coaster and dies; family files lawsuit

For many people living in New York, it is a yearly tradition to visit an amusement park with their families. It is, after all, what many consider to be the perfect family outing because people of all ages can enjoy the different rides and attractions that are offered at a typical amusement park.

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    • What actions should I NOT take when speaking with a police officer? Don't say, "I know my rights," "I'm going to file a complaint/sue" or "I pay your salary." Don't resist or fight if you're going to be arrested even if the cop is wrong, or he or she doesn't tell you why.
    • What should you do in the event of police misconduct/brutality? Note the date, time and location of the incident. Note — but do not ask for — the name, badge or car number of the officers involved. Note the physical description of the officers.
    • What should you do when confronted by a police officer? Stay calm and be courteous. Don't be rude or curse at the officer. Take off your headset or turn down your music. If asked, give your name and address. You don't have to answer any other questions. Tell the officer(s) that you would like to exercise your right to attorney representation.
    • Contact a civil rights attorney or group immediately. If criminally charged, don't speak until you've consulted a defense attorney. What steps should be taken after experiencing police misconduct/brutality?
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