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Handling Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Cases In The Bronx

February 2013 Archives

Several left injured in a Harlem bus wreck

Bus accidents can happen out of nowhere, at the most unexpected times. Because of this, no one is ever quite prepared for a bus accident. A wreck may be caused by a driver texting while driving, driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol or driving recklessly for other reasons, such as being tired. Medical expenses are often incurred by parties involved in a bus crash.

Chilling online evidence may mean serious jail time for NYPD cop

Last week, we blogged about the manner in which evidence procured via the Internet is increasingly being used against defendants in various courtrooms across New York. The case discussed last week involved the charges issued against two Bronx juveniles after they were identified inciting their very young siblings to physically fight in a video that went viral on YouTube.

Evidence from internet can be used in Bronx courtrooms

In the Bronx, there can be a variety of situations in which an individual can unknowingly back into criminal charges. Whether or not these charges manifest into a conviction is largely based on the evidence that prosecutors present against the defendant. Depending on the nature and circumstances surrounding the crime, a criminal conviction can have consequences ranging from a slap on the wrist all the way to serious time behind bars. Accordingly, it is critical to aggressively defend against criminal charges in the Bronx and call into question all of the evidence against an individual, and the manner in which it was obtained.

Unlicensed driver involved in fatal car accident

Car accidents can occur for a number of reasons, including drunk driving, texting and driving or vehicle malfunction. No matter what causes a car crash, the consequences can be serious or even deadly, particularly if pedestrians are involved. A recent accident just outside of the Bronx was no exception.

Proposal for gun crime registry in the Bronx

The consequences of a sex crime are well known in the Bronx. Because New York maintains a publically accessible registry of individuals convicted of being a sex offender, those that are convicted of such sensitive charges often combat trouble in securing a job, housing and other opportunities long after their sentence has been served.

Bronx man sentenced to 19 years in murder of girlfriend

There are certain convictions that can be expunged from an individual's criminal record, or for which the penalties are fairly minor. However, there are other convictions which are far-reaching and permanently damaging with regards to an individual's future. Domestic violence charges that result in conviction would fall under the latter category of classification.

Will New York cops pursue civil suits for car accident injuries?

The act of committing a crime can lead to a variety of legal issues -- not limited to criminal liability and penalties. If a person is a victim of a crime that results in an injury-inducing car accident, the victim may have the ability to seek compensation for injuries under the terms of New York personal injury laws.

GPS monitoring ordered for some convicted of domestic violence

One out-of-state county will have much stricter consequences for some that are convicted of domestic violence and thought to be in danger of repeating the offense. Those that are found to disregard restraining orders and have compounding factors which could lead a judge to think that the individual is likely to be a repeat offender could now be ordered to wear a GPS monitoring ankle device in that state.

Charges dropped against Bronx mother in elaborate NYPD setup

A single mother of three that lives in the Bronx was arrested and charged in 2010 after police say she tried to steal a wad of cash. However, that was the culmination of a highly complex trap set up by NYPD to bait an innocent person into allegedly stealing money. The mother maintains she intended to turn the money in and never even planned on keeping it. Authorities pressured her to plead guilty but she had a clean record she did not want to spoil and fought the criminal charges successfully.

Bronx teen slain by police remembered by community a year later

This past Saturday in the Bronx, activists alongside friends and family members of the 18-year-old shot and killed by an officer in the Bronx last year, gathered in the fallen teen's memory. Bronx residents probably remember the incident after it made headlines last year when an officer burst through a family apartment on a drug bust and thought that he spotted a gun in the waistband of the 18-year-old. The officer fatally shot the teen, but a gun was never recovered. There are also allegations that the same officer threatened to shoot the 85-pound grandmother during the same happening.

Woman killed in early-morning accident

When buses are involved in vehicular accidents, the outcome can be devastating because of their large size. In some cases, charter bus accidents involving pedestrians may result in a loss of life or severe injuries. Those who have lost a loved one to a negligent bus driver should be aware of the legal options available to them and understand their rights to claim compensation for pain and suffering.

New York driver arrested after driving nude and crashing

For those of us that are of legal drinking age, it is not unusual to have a memory of doing something embarrassing or out of character after having one too many alcoholic beverages. While these memories are often humorous for our friends at our expense, what can seem funny can quickly become criminal and seriously damaging if these poor decisions lead us behind the wheel of a car.

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    • I was in an accident without insurance. Can you help me? We would need to assess your case. Our assessment might lead us to conclude that the vehicle you were driving was at fault, or perhaps the road conditions were hazardous. We would also need to assess all of the claims against you as the alleged negligent driver. Call us today for your free assessment.
    • A giant commercial truck/semi hit me, and I was injured/my children were injured/other people in my car were injured. What can I do? Large trucking companies have teams of lawyers at the ready to help them minimize payment or avoid paying you for the damage their driver caused you. You need to call us to help you get what you deserve from the company for your injuries, pain and suffering, damage to your vehicle, and any injuries to people riding in your car. To protect your rights, an independent investigation must be executed as soon as possible.
    • If I get hurt on the job, what should I do? Tell your supervisor or someone in your human resources department immediately, and then get help with your injuries. It's imperative that you file a report about the accident with your employer, or you may be denied any disability or workers' compensation benefits for your injuries. Then, file your workers' compensation documents according to your company's guidelines. If you are turned down, give us a call to get your case assessed. We'll help you get the compensation you deserve for injuries on the job.
    • What should I do if I was injured on a construction site? You should take the same steps as anyone injured at any other job. File an injury report and file for workers' compensation benefits. If you are denied benefits or mistreated by your employer, contact our law firm immediately. Also, contact us immediately if your injury might have been caused by a party other than your employer such as a product manufacturer or another party on a construction site. You might have an underlying personal injury claim.
    • If medical treatment was unsuccessful or caused my condition to worsen, do I have a medical malpractice case? Not all instances of poor medical outcomes are medical malpractice. It is important to speak with an experienced attorney about your specific circumstances.
    • If injured in a police misconduct/brutality incident, what should be done? Get names of witnesses. Take photos of injuries. Get immediate professional medical attention. Contact our Bronx-based police brutality attorney today.
    • What actions should I NOT take when speaking with a police officer? Don't say, "I know my rights," "I'm going to file a complaint/sue" or "I pay your salary." Don't resist or fight if you're going to be arrested even if the cop is wrong, or he or she doesn't tell you why.
    • What should you do in the event of police misconduct/brutality? Note the date, time and location of the incident. Note — but do not ask for — the name, badge or car number of the officers involved. Note the physical description of the officers.
    • What should you do when confronted by a police officer? Stay calm and be courteous. Don't be rude or curse at the officer. Take off your headset or turn down your music. If asked, give your name and address. You don't have to answer any other questions. Tell the officer(s) that you would like to exercise your right to attorney representation.
    • Contact a civil rights attorney or group immediately. If criminally charged, don't speak until you've consulted a defense attorney. What steps should be taken after experiencing police misconduct/brutality?
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